Landscape Design by Raymond Jungles
Mineral Life Products have applications for Hardscape materials incl.:

  • coral rock
  • concrete pavers
  • sculpture
  • fountains
  • retaining and property walls
  • patios
  • pools

Landscape Design by Kevin David Rosen.
Limestone can be patinated with Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solutions. By the spray application of Patina Washes, a geological reaction
can be created.
Patina Solution on concrete pavers, wall and roof tiles. Cobalt Blue Microtopping over pool plasterConcrete Pavers

Patina Solutions are reactive stains which can beautifully enhance concrete pavers.

Landscape design by Kevin David Rosen.

Patina Solutions on Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveways

Patina Solutions as well as Microtopping can be applied on concrete slab.

Sculpture by David Shankman
Iron Patina on Concrete

Landscape design by Lester Pancoast
Ornamental Garden Wall

Iron Coating on concrete wall cap

Cherokee Red Lime Paint and Iron Patina Wash

Property Wall

Patina Solution on Precast Concrete

Landscape design by Raymond Jungles
Photo by Lanny Provo
Concrete Garden Bridge

Malachite Patina Solution on Concrete Slab

“Casa Morada”
Landscape Design by Raymond Jungles
Photo by Richard Felber
Garden Walls

Lime Paint on Concrete.

Design by Kevin David Rosen
Wooden Gazebo

Lime Wash on Wood

Pool Patio

Iron Patina on Concrete Slab

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