Lime Paint: An acrylic modified composition of the classical coating with enhanced durability for application to most any building material. The character of natural limestone or color intrinsic concrete is easily achievable while maintaining high resistance to rain and solar UV radiation.

Silicate Waterglass

  • Silicate Paint: A waterborne, single component inorganic coating material for masonry wall surfaces. Silicate Mineral Paint penetrates the substrate and cures by an irreversible chemical bonding process, forming a microcrystalline structure which cannot peel or blister.
  • Waterglass Wall Sealer /Primer: A penetrating surface conditioner, sealer and primer for interior and exterior masonry wall surfaces. Suitable for porous and semi porous surfaces. It is breathable, while creating a balanced absorbency for stabilizing old lime and cement plaster and concrete before application of Silicate Paint.

Waterglass Stain & Coating: A penetrating silicate based color intrinsic finish for concrete slab, precast panels, stucco and lime plaster walls.   Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces, Waterglass Stain & Coating is a breathable, anti mildew and microbial, non-combustible, washable surface.  This finish reacts with the free lime in the masonry substrate and cures with absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.   Waterglass Stain & Coating  will not peel or blister, while providing a breathable, water repellent surface with all of the properties of natural stone.

  • Waterglass Cure & Seal: A clear penetrating surface water resistant conditioner and sealer for concrete precast, slabs, and Lime Paint surfaces.
  • Waterglass Slab Hardener/Densifier: The highest quality slab hardener/densifier utilizing Lithium Silicates, the highest quality silicate for quick and strong curing. May be used along with diamond polishing and Patina Solutions for beautiful hard, colorful, polished concrete slabs.
  • Waterglass Anti Corrosive Coating: A two component, low VOC, waterborne alkali metallic zinc silicate primer, used as a high performance corrosion resistant primer for use on correctly prepared steel substrates in new construction situations.

Patina Solution: Mineral solutions which are highly reactive with lime containing materials such as: concrete, limestone and Mineral Life Int’l Lime and Silicate Mineral Paints and Lime Plaster surfaces, creating colorful and permanent results on walls, concrete slabs, and precast surfaces.

Patina Solutions react chemically with these masonry surfaces becoming a permanent part of that surface. The reactions of the solutions are based on natural geological processes. Patina Solutions are available in ten different mineral colors.

Modified Lime Plaster: A unique product with the attributes of modified lime and gypsum; creating hard, durable and water resistant wall finishes which can be used on all wall surfaces.

Available in the Mineral Life Int’l Earthtone Colors as well as custom color matching. Antique finishes may be accomplished with the application of Patina Solutions over the Lime Plaster surface.

For the appeal of toweled smooth or textured finishes, Mineral Life Int’l Modified Lime Plaster comes ready to use as a one part easily spreadible plaster paste, drying to a flat, old world beauty.

Microtopping Admix: An emulsion of the highest quality Acrylic Polymer, Inorganic colorants and concentrated rheological agents which enable Portland Cement to be modified for use as a thin, hard, durable microtopping over concrete slab surfaces.

Iron Coating: Decorative finish for Iron resurfacing of lime containing masonry surfaces.

Iron Coating is a spreadable composition of 100% pure elemental iron which chemically bonds upon drying.

Iron Coating is more stable than steel, does not scale or deteriorate from exposure because it is free of contamination which exist in modern steel alloys.

Roof Tile Coating: For resurfacing clay or concrete roof tiles with earthtone color selection; also compatible with patina solutions. A long lasting coating with high UV light resistance.

Stucco Admix: Turns your stucco finish coat into a classic earthtone, just by substituting for the water content. Supplies the qualities of elasticity and resilience with high hairline crack resistance. Highly durable without requiring painting.

Anti Corrosive Coating: A two component, low VOC, waterborne alkali metallic zinc silicate primer and finish for a high performance corrosion resistant primer for use on correctly prepared steel substrates in new construction situations.

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