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Silicate Paint
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Mineral Life Int’l Silicate Paint is a waterborne, single component inorganic coating material for masonry wall surfaces. Silicate Paint penetrates the substrate and cures by an irreversible chemical bonding process, forming a microcrystalline structure which cannot peel or blister.

Mineral Life Int’l Silicate Paint can be applied to the following substrates:
1. Concrete surfaces. (after removal of release agent residue).
2. Lime & Cement Mortar, Stucco Plaster
3. Brick masonry
4. Metal Surfaces, incl. aluminum and galvanized iron.
5. Old and new lime wash coatings 6. Cellular concrete 7. Adobe dwellings with breathable walls.

1. Releases water vapor, while water repellent
2. Non-combustible, acts as a fire retardant
3. UV light resistant; Long service life (15 years and up)
4. Natural quality with large selection of earthtone colors.
5. Reactive with Mineral Life Patina Solutions for antique finishes.
6. Highly resistant to acid pollution.
7. Non hazardous without residual odor.
8. Anti-allergenic
9. Excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces (chemical and physical bond).
10. Will not blister or peel.
11. Anti-microbial without chemical fungicides. 12. Environmentally friendly; qualifies to earn points towards LEED certification.

Primer / Thinner
Silicate Wall Primer is first applied to equalize and reduce wall moisture absorption or to reduce Silicate Paint viscosity for spraying.

Application of Silicate Paint may be made by spray, lambswool roller of 1 1/4 inch nap, or with a short bristle brush. Protect / mask all surfaces adjacent to vertical wall. Paint splatter removal may be made with water while still wet.

Technical Data
Flash Point…………None
Thermal Coefficient
of Expansion…same as masonr
Colors………..Earthtones Coverage……150 sq ft or 13.9 sq m / gallon
for 2 coats depending on porosity and texture
Dilute………….only with Mineral Life Silicate Wall Primer

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Silicate Paint – Data / Technical Sheet (PDF)

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