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Stucco Admix is a 100% acrylic modifier for standard white cement or gray cement stucco mixes. Stucco Admix enhances strength, adhesion and water resistance. Available in your selection of Mineral Life Int’l Classic Earthtones, Gemstone and custom colors.

Stucco Admix turns your stucco finish coat into a high quality color intrinsic finish.

1. Increased durability and strength
2. High flexural, tensile and impact strength
3. On impact, does not crack –only dents.
4. Available in Mineral Life Int’l Classic Earthtone colors and Gemstone colors
5. Custom color matching available
6. Reactive with Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solutions
7. Addition rate of Stucco Admix replaces the addition of water to your stucco finish mix
8. Reduce the need to wet cure the stucco finish

Brown coat stucco surface should be primed with one coat of pure Stucco Admix or Mineral Life Int’l Masonry sealer.

Materials Required

1. Stucco materials:

Cement: White Portland ASTM C-150 Type I-II low alkali.
Sand: clean, washed silica or lime masonry sand. (Type of sand is determined by texture desired—silica sand for a fine float finish, or lime masonry sand for a skip trowel finish)…or

2. Standard bagged stucco mix for finish coat.

1. Replace the quantity of water required in your stucco mix with Mineral Life Int’l Stucco Admix.

2. For a one bag mix, about 5 gallons of Stucco Admix is required. The amount of Admix will vary according to the stucco mix design, as well as the existing moisture content of the sand in the stucco.

3. Use only enough admixture in stucco finish coat mix to make it workable.

4. Add more admixture or dry stucco mix to adjust for desired consistency, if necessary, in order to arrive at optimum consistency.

5. Add the measured stucco admix to plaster mixer, followed by the stucco mix.

6. If mixing sand and masonry cement, add the sand first followed by the cement.

7. Mix until smooth and lump free. Let stand for eight minutes, then re-mix for two minutes and apply.


1. Apply stucco with plasterer’s trowel in a tight, thin coat. Return over the fresh surface to obtain a minimum of 1/16th inch (1.5mm or a maximum of 1/8th
inch (3 mm ) thickness.

2. Feather edge finish between scaffold levels or if breaking within a wall surface, while continuing without creating excessive overlap.

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Stucco Admix – Data / Technical Sheet (PDF)

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