Patina Solution Application

For Vertical Application:

Patina Stain Pads apply Patina Solution directly to vertical wall surfaces (stucco, lime paint, silicate paint, lime plaster, etc.)
The pad is drained of excess solution, and then applied in an overlapping circular motion.
The Feather Duster with a telescoping pole, is ideal for wiping the wall surface while spraying patina solution.

A low pressure Garden Sprayer applies patina solution and patina wash to the wall as a fine mist. The feather duster, used simultaneously catches any drips. Sprayer pressures range from 40-150 psi. The garden sprayer is also used to apply Patina to the slab surface.
For Slab Application:

A Rotary Polisher and Wet-Dry Vacuum are required to prep and finish the patina application.

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