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Patina Solution
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Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solutions are mineral solutions which are highly reactive with lime containing materials such as: concrete, limestone and Mineral Life Int’l Lime and Silicate Mineral Paints and Lime Plaster surfaces, creating colorful and permanent results on walls, concrete slabs, and precast surfaces.
Patina Solutions react chemically with these masonry surfaces becoming a permanent part of that surface. The reactions of the solutions are based on natural geological processes;
developed and manufactured by Mineral Life Int’l since 1988.


Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solutions are used to create natural and antique coloration to masonry substrate surfaces such as walls, slabs, countertops and precast.
Patina Solutions are used in their concentrated form for concrete slab, or as a “Wash” for wall surfaces over color intrinsic Mineral Life Int’l Lime, Silicate Mineral Paints and Lime Plaster.


For concrete slabs:
1. Beautiful, natural finish, unique, like natural
2. Cost effective, competative in price with
most all floor coverings,
3. Can be customized with score cutting and
multi chromatic designs.
4. Allows concrete slabs to be converted into
a finished surface to complement many
varieties of design.
5. Can be combined with diamond polishing
and concrete densifiers for high traffic
commercial spaces such as mega stores,
hotel lobbies and airport terminals.
For wall finishes:
1. Can “antique” any pigmented masonry
2. Quickly applied one coat process
3. Real mineral finish (no faux).
4. Can be applied full strength or as an accent


For concrete slabs:
A. Preparatory slab cleaning: The concrete (slab) should be clean and free of contamination.
B. Application: Manual pump garden sprayer or from shampoo tank on rotary polishing machine. Special care should be taken to avoid tracking footprints from wet areas to dry reactive slab.
C. Drying: Patina Solution should be allowed to dry for a minimum of six hours after saturating the concrete slab. Remaining puddles may be spread out to give thorough drying.
D. Removal of dry residue: The dry mineral residue must be removed by wet scrubbing with a red pad on a rotary floor machine. A wet vacuum is uded to remove the water and salt residue.
E. Sealing / Polishing: The application of sealer on the patinated slab surface is optional, however is almost always used on interior floors. A commercial quality acrylic waterborne sealer, applied by rayon mophead, is adequate to seal the patinated slab and maintain a bright appearance. An additional “finish coat” of acrylic waterborne floor finish will provide a final self polishing coat. For commercial high traffic floors, a solvent based acrylic or one part methylmethacrylate sealer is recommended to be applied at least 24 hours before applying the waterborne acrylic mop-on finish.
For wall surfaces:
Mineral Life Int’l Patina Solution of Patina Wash can be applied to vertical wall surface by stain pad or by garden sprayer and a feather duster with extension.
Special care is taken to avoid drip lines, by:
1. Draining the stain pad adequately before application to the wall surface, and,
2. Utilizing the feather duster on built in extension pole to promptly catch any drips immediately after each pass of the spray wand.

Technical Data

Specific Gravity………………………………………….1-1.5
Flashpoint……………………………none, non-flammable
Solubility in water…………………..miscible
Colors……..Ebony, Cola, Iron, Antique Bronze, Golden
Bronze, Brass, Malachite, Mineral Green,
Jade Green, Turquoise, Brown Agate
Mode of Coloration…….Reacts with Concrete or Lime
containing substrate

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Patina Solution – Data / Technical Sheet (PDF)

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