Mineral Life Int’l Iron Coating Specification
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Part 1 – GENERAL


A. Iron coating shall be applied to dry concrete or lime paint coated wall surface.
A Concrete or Stucco wall surface must be dry and free of dust or loose particles. Iron Coating may also be utilized by first applying the appropriate sealer/primer and a Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint coating to the following surfaces: previously painted surfaces,, interior drywall surfaces, wood, metal, plastic and composite surfaces.


A. Submit the following items in time to prevent delay of the work and to allow adequate time for review and resubmittals, if needed; do not order materials or start work before receiving the written approval: Iron Coating shall be from: Mineral Life Int’l, Inc. available through:

Mineral Life Int’l, Inc.
(distributor’s address)

2. Samples of all specified materials and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as appropriate.

3. Apply coating samples on masonry—preferably on the building. Do not apply samples to plywood or other non-masonry surfaces.

4. Written verification from the Contractor that all specified items will be used. Provide purchase orders, shipping tickets, receipts, etc. to prove that the specified materials were ordered and received.


A. Installer Qualifications: Company specializing in commercial painting and finishing with three years documented experience and approved by the coating manufacturer.

B. Coating Samples: Prepare a sample of each type of repair listed below. Prepare, install, and finish each sample according to the specifications. All samples must be ap-plied to masonry. Prepare samples in an area where they will be exposed to the same conditions as will be present on the building during curing. Allow samples to
cure at least three days (or longer, if possible) before obtaining Owner’s approval for color match.


A. Materials are to be delivered, stored, and handled to protect them from damage, extreme temperature, and moisture in accordance with Manufacturer’s written instructions.

B. Deliver and store material in Manufacturer’s original, unopened containers with the production date shown on the container or packaging.

C. Comply with the Manufacturer’s written specifications and recommendations for
mixing, application, and curing coatings.


A. Cold Weather Requirements: Do not work in temperatures below 45° F, when the substrate is colder than 45° F, or when the temperature is expected to fall below 45° F for 48 hours after installation of the coating. Building an enclosure and heating areas to maintain this temperature may only be done with the written approval of the Specifier.

Hot Weather Requirements: Protect coating from direct sunlight and wind during application. Foul weather requirements: Do not work when precipitation is expected within 48 hours of installation. The coating needs adequate time to bond to the substrate. Moisture disrupts the curing process.



Mineral Life Int’l Iron Coating is distributed by Mineral Life Int’l, Miami, Fl. , U.S.A., Tel: 305-661-9854, toll free: 877-407-9510, Fax#: 305-661-6942, e-mail: minlife@earthlink.net

Substitutions: If proposed equal is submitted, lab test to establish equivalent performance levels. Use an independent testing laboratory, as determined by the Specifier, and paid for by the submitting party.



A. Do not use any additives in the coating system.

B. Apply with gloved palm of hand, or plasterer’s trowel

C. Apply only thin coatings, at a minimum of two applications

D. Smooth surface if desired, before material is completely dry by using a finishing sponge.


A. Do not start work until surfaces to be coated are in proper condition to produce finished surfaces of uniform, satisfactory appearance.

B. Mildew, algae and fungus should be removed by methods recommended by the coating manufacturer.

C. Remove dust and loose particulate matter from surfaces to receive coatings immediately prior to coating application.

D. Protect all non-masonry surfaces such as: glass, wood, metal, etc.

E. Application of Iron Coating to vertical wall should be made before paint application to avoid any staining during application. Otherwise, masking of the surrounding wall surface is required

F. Cracks and spalls must be repaired and cured prior to coating application.

G. Make sure any masonry repairs have been made with Portland cement based repair materials that are compatible to the substrate.

H. If possible, remove any previous or existing coatings before application of Iron Coating. Otherwise, surface should be primed with primer and two coats of Mineral Life Lime Paint.

Note**: Substrate must be completely dry before coating. Do not work when precipitation is expected within 48 hours of installation. The coating needs adequate time to bond to the substrate. Moisture disrupts the curing process.


A. It is recommended that proper eye protection be worn during mixing in case of accidental splashing.

B. No mixing of Iron Coating is necessary unless lumps are present. If mixing is required, use a mixing paddle at moderate to high speed to blend to a fine consistency.


1. Concrete slab should be examined and repaired if required. Leveling, patching and crack repair should be carried out if necessary.. The Microtopping Admixture may be mixed with a 1 part portland cement and 2 parts fine sand patching mix for filling holes over 1/4 inch deep.

2. Any masonry repairs to the slab should be sealed with the Microtopping Admixture. After 12 hours, the existing or repaired slab should be sealed with 1 to 2 coats of the Microtopping admixture, straight from the bucket.

3. The Microtopping Admixture may be mixed at a ratio of 1 1/4 parts admixture to 2 parts of White Portland Cement* (white or/and gray depending on the color selection) to maintain a coating which may be rolled onto the slab surface as a “texture coat” with the use of 1/2″ Lambs wool Rollers. For exterior finishes, 2 texture coats are recommended.

4. For an interior finish, the second coat should be troweled for an ultra thin surface at a mixing ratio of 1 1/4 part admixture to 2 parts cement.* * proportions may vary with some cements. If mix thickens too quickly, adjust proportions to 1 1/2 parts admixture to 2 parts cement.


A. Place tools immediately in clean water when pausing work (15-30 minutes or more). Clean tools with clean water immediately after finishing work. Iron Coating can be removed from surfaces with clean water while still wet. Clean up fallen material from vertical application.

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Iron Coating – Specification Sheet (PDF)

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