Equipment for Anti Corrosive Coating Application

1. Solvent cleaning and Abrasive Blasting of steel surface should produce clean surface free of oxidation in preparation for the Anti Corrosive Coating Application.

2. Thorough mixing of parts A and B for application by brush, roller or spray.

3. Brush: Suitable-small areas only Typically 50-75 microns (2-3mils)
Roller: Suitable – small areas Typically 50-75 microns (2-3 mils)
4. Spray: Conventional Spray Application: Use pressure fed spray gun – DeVilbiss JGA558, AV651-D fluid tip, MB-4039-64 air cap set up, or equivalent with 75 psi atomising pressure and air agitated pot pressure of 20 psi, according to length of material line used.

Airless Spray Application: Use pneumatic airless pump such as Binks B6 or B8 confirmed by manufacturer as suitable for waterborne inorganic zinc. Use a 0.017 – 0.021” tip with a 2500 psi atomizing pressure.

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