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Anti Corrosive Coating
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A two component, low VOC, waterborne alkali metallic zinc silicate primer.

Intended Uses
As a high performance corrosion resistant primer for use on correctly prepared steel substrates in new construction situations.

Product Data
Colors: Grey, Red, Green and Black
Decorative Antique Patina Washes: Ebony, Iron, Cola, Bronze, Turquoise, Malachite, Jade
Gloss Level: Matte
Volume Solids: 60%
Typical Thickness: 75 microns (3 mils) dry equivalent to 125 microns (5 mils) wet
Coverage: about 8 sq m / liter at 75 microns
About 321 sq ft / US gallon at 3 mils
Method of Application: Air spray, Brush, Roller

Drying Time

Temperature Touch Dry Hard Dry

°Celsius °Fahrenheit
5 41 45 minutes 4 hours
15 59 30minutes 1.5 hours
25 77 25 minutes 45 minutes
40 104 15 minutes 30 minutes

Regulatory Data
Flash Point Base (Part A) Powder (Part B) Mixed
>100 °C (212 ° F) N/A >100 °C (212°F)
Product Weight: 3.62 kg/l (30.2 lb/gal
VOC 0 gm/liter 0 lb/gal

Surface Preparation
All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination. Prior to paint application, all surfaces should be assessed and treated in accordance with ISO 8504:1992
Oil or grease should be removed in accordance with SSPC-SP1 solvent cleaning.
Strict adherence to all cleanliness standards is essential for application of water-based coatings.

Abrasive Blast Cleaning
Abrasive blast clean if oxidation has occurred between blasting and application of Waterglass Anticorrosive, the surface should be reblasted to the specified visual standard.

Surface defects revealed by the blast cleaning process, should be ground, filled, or treated in the appropriate manner.


Waterglass Anticorrosive is supplied in 2 parts, a liquid binder base component (Part A) and a Powder component (Part B). Powder (Part B) should be slowly added to the Liquid Binder (Part A) while stirring with a mechanical mixer.

Material should be filtered prior to application and should be constantly agitated in the pot during spraying. Once the unit has been mixed it should be used within the working pot life specified.

Mix Ratio

1 part (Part A): 0.7 parts (Part B) by volume
1 part (Part A): 4 parts (Part B) by weight

Working Pot Life

8 hours at 20 °C (68 °F)

Spray: Conventional Spray Application: Use pressure fed spray gun – DeVilbiss
JGA558, AV651-D fluid tip, MB-4039-64 air cap set up, or equivalent with 75 psi
atomising pressure and air agitated pot pressure of 20 psi, according to length of
material line used.
Airless Spray Application: Use pneumatic airless pump such as Binks B6 or B8
confirmed by manufacturer as suitable for waterborne inorganic zinc. Use a
0.017 – 0.021” tip with a 2500 psi atomizing pressure.

Safety Precautions Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Brush: Suitable-small areas only Typically 50-75 microns (2-3mils)
Roller: Suitable – small areas Typically 50-75 microns (2-3 mils)
Thinner: Do Not Thin
Cleaner: Clean water
Relative Humidity: Ideally between 50 and 60%.
UN Shipping No.: Non-hazardous

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Anti Corrosive Coating – Data / Technical Sheet (PDF)

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