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I. Specification for Mineral Life Lime Paint

A. On Exterior or Interior Masonry surfaces (stucco, plaster, drywall, concrete)
All masonry surfaces which have been designated in the plans and specifications to receive Lime Paint, shall receive two coats of MINERAL LIFE LIME PAINT in ONE of the following methods:

1. The masonry surface should be allowed to cure a minimum of two days before the application of Lime Paint. Apply directly to the masonry surface by first wetting the surface with water and allow to dry immediately before painting Lime Paint.

Or preferred method:

2. Masonry surface may be sealed with exterior waterborne 100% latex acrylic sealer / primer after the wall has cured for 28 days if possible, or a minimum of 14 days. For maximum life, use an alkali resistant masonry wall sealer. The use of a masonry wall sealer is essential on surfaces that are irregular or that have chalking or efflorescence.

3. Interior Drywall Surface shall be sealed with an Exterior Acrylic Primer. (100% acrylic)
4. Ferrous Metal (Iron) shall be coated with Interior-Exterior Alkyd Rust Inhibitive Metal Primer.
5. Aluminum shall be coated with Interior-Exterior Latex Bonding Primer for aluminum Surfaces.
6. Galvanized Metal shall be coated with Interior-Exterior Latex Bonding Primer.
7.Wood can be coated with Exterior 100% Latex Sealer / Primer.
Mineral Life Acrylic Lime Paint may be applied with roller, brush, or paint pad.

The use of a wall sealer as described in 2, provides additional protection to the
wall surface, or applied as a Lime Wash (mixed 1:1 with water) directly to the unsealed wood surface.
8. Plastic or Composite surface shall be coated with a urethane modified acrylic primer/sealer/bonding agent such as X-I-M.

Product Coverage

Lime Paint (for semi-smooth stucco surface)

300 sq. ft. per coat.
For recommended two coat application, divide total wall surface square footage by 150.
For coarse to rough textures, divide by 75 to 100.

B. Patina Wash on Lime Paint
1. Exterior or interior wall: Lime Painted surface should be clean and dry. Patina solutions may be used as full strength or as a wash (at lower concentration) over a particular Lime Paint surface as designated by Mineral Life Int’l.
2. The darker the color value, the stronger concentration of Patina Wash is required as supplied by Mineral Life Int’l.
3. Coverage: Patina solution is applied at a rate of 300 sq ft / gallon.
4. Equipment: Patina shall be applied by spray, brush or patina stain pad in such a manner as to avoid dripping down the wall. A heavy duty feather duster or brush can be used to prevent or catch drips before they occur.

C. Patina application directly to exterior stucco walls:
Mineral-Life Patina Solutions may be applied directly to exterior stucco walls, however, the stucco must contain intrinsic “waterproofing” agents to inhibit the formation of micro-cracks and improve the water resistance of the portland cement based standard stucco mix, since the patina solution, used alone, does not provide protection from water intrusion. The addition of Mineral Life Stucco Admixture is recommended to achieve high quality, resilient, water and crack resistant stucco walls.

The Patina Solution can be applied to standard stucco walls without the use of intrinsic waterproofing agents, by applying first a coat of masonry primer, followed by two coats of Mineral-Life Acrylic Lime Paint. The Patina Solution can then be applied as directed in Patina Application for vertical surfaces.
Sample application should be made to a test area of concrete, stucco or Lime Paint surface in order to confirm final color and patina strength.

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