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Lime Paint
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Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint is an acrylic modified composition of the classical finish with enhanced durability for application to most any building material. The character of natural limestone or color intrinsic concrete is easily achievable while maintaining high resistance to rain and solar UV radiation.

Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint can be applied to the following vertical substrates:

1. Precast Concrete (after removal of release agent residue)
2. Exterior Stucco Plaster
3. Interior Drywall
4. Aluminum Window Frames
5. Steel Railings
6. Galvanized flashing
7. Wooden Doors and Moldings
8. Coating for Clay Roof Tile
9. Reactive with Mineral Life Int’l Mineral Patina Solutions for Antique Finishes.

1. Hi strength bonding
2. Hi abrasion resistance
3. Excellent rain and efflorescence resistance
4. Repels water
6. Anti mildew, microbial without chemical fungicides
7. Can be applied over latex paint
8. Elastomeric bridging of hairline cracks
9. Scrubbable
10. “Living Wall” character like Limestone. Brightens in color when wet, while maintaining color integrity when dry.
11. May be applied as a Lime Wash by mixing 1:1 with water for more variations of tone.


Stucco: 100% Acrylic Waterborne Masonry Sealer/Primer; Stucco must be a minimum of 2 weeks old before application.Interior Drywall or Masonry Walls: Use only 100% acrylic exterior masonry primers/sealers.
Metals: Apply the appropriate metal primer for steel, aluminum or galvanized
Wood: Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint can be applied directly to unsealed wood as a Lime Wash by cutting 1:1 with water, or, by using a 100% Acrylic Waterborne Primer and applying two coats.

Application of Mineral Life Int’l Lime Paint can be made by spray, lambswool roller of 1 1/4 inch or 1 1/2 inch nap, short bristle brush, or paint pad. You will see the Lime Paint dry as the color lightens. Brush or roller strokes are applied as “sloppy brush”, although fully coating the wall surface.
Two coats are recommended:
First Coat: Full Coat
Second Coat: Full Coat or a Wash Coat (1:1 with water).
Mineral Life Int’l Patina Wash is optional for an Antique Finish as a final application.

Technical Data
Density: …………….1.25 – 1.38
Flash Point…………No Flash Point
Thermal Coefficient
of Expansion……
Colors………Mineral Life Int’l's
1. Classic Earthtones
2. Gemstone Colors
3. Southwestern Colors
Custom Color Matching

150 sq ft or 13.9 sq m / gallon
depending on porosity and texture

1. For a Lime Wash (1:1 with water)

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Lime Paint – Data / Technical Sheet (PDF)

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